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I'm a doctoral researcher in the University of York's sociology department, so I live in the north of England. However, when you're a PhD student it doesn't really matter where you live - you're always everywhere going to conferences, workshops and so on. It's a busy life, but it's great to be busy.
In my spare time, i'm a freelance satchel model.

My research, based in the Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU) focuses on the economic tensions of the public umbilical cord blood donation system in the UK. There are loads of stem cells in this blood which have the possibility of being sequestered, frozen and then - if needed - defrosted and injected into people with blood cancers. The NHS imports some stem cells from abroad, which is quite an expensive affair. If it could access more stem cells domestically, this could save lives and money.

When I'm not reading, writing and fishing around for information about cord blood banking, I teach. My favourite thing to teach is social theory, which I do regularly at the university. I tutor undergraduate students about the oldies (like Marx, both pre- and post-beard) and the more recent stuff (Latour, Bauman, Foucault...).

The other thing I teach is guitar. I don't get much opportunity to do that up in York, so it's mainly jamming with other musicians and playing on my lonesome. Generally, acoustic is my style and I tend to stay away from electrics but I do have a lush Fender telecaster. I play a variety of acoustics. Martin&Co, Yamaha, Garrison, Takamine... the list goes on.

If there are three things I can talk you under the table with, it's the blood and transplant service in the UK, social theory, and guitars. If you want to talk about any or all of these things, don't hesitate to add me on twitter, or drop me an email.

the best thing i will ever own
notice my banjo

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